Sebastian Schneider

Saxophone & Keyboards

Band Leader & Musical Director

Sebastian has been on the international music scene for over a decade. He is frequently involved in well known productions and recognized music projects all over Europe. Countries include Ireland, the UK, Finland, Germany, China, Estonia, Sweden and Poland.

Professional Work

In various capacity he acts as arranger, music director, composer and performer. Irish productions include for example shows in the Olympia Theatre Dublin, The Cork Opera House, Voice of Ireland and others.

International work includes compositions for screen, multimedia, live shows and performances. Sebastian's music and audio work is featured in various productions including TV shows, movies, documentaries and advertisements as well as a number of computer games. He has worked for media productions companies such as SONY Computer Entertainment Europe, Apple and RTE.

Sebastian Schneider performing on Saxophone
Sebastian Schneider playing keyboard
Sebastian Schneider Saxophone Solo Wedding Band Ireland

Education & work as an educator

Sebastian teaches in the Cork School of Music as guest lecturer on interactive audio and is currently the senior Keyboard and Music Technology tutor in the Academy of Popular Music in Cork.

He studied music and digital media in various countries up to MA level and travelled extensively from the age of 16 always with the ambition to further broaden his knowledge. He is fluent in 3 different languages.

Other professional experience

Sebastian also has a strong background in IT, design and photography. He has strong passion for computer programming and all things world wide web. He has worked on multimedia projects from the age of 15 eventually leading to study IT in college after doing his music degree. His portfolio as an IT professional includes various web design projects and various custom solutions for clients.

Origins & Idea behind Groove Collective

After playing for almost a decade in various function bands and wedding bands in Cork as well as all over Ireland, Sebastian eventually launched Groove Collective. The aim of this band is to be a "trend setter" or "leader" in wedding and function music delivering the best quality and customer experience on the market!

That intent came as a result of witnessing (as a band member in various groups over time) that too many musicians and groups unfortunately don’t care enough about high quality wedding entertainment or even just playing the right chords, delivering a good show. All too often the problem was that they would not understand music well enough.

For that very reason Groove Collective was established with only professional musicians. Sebastian believes that a good function & wedding band in Ireland should not have an excuse to not care about show, sound and the most basic: all the right notes.
If you like to know more you can read about the music effort and preparation that went into Groove Collective.

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