Before you book a band

What do I need to keep in mind when booking a band?

As production costs are becoming increasingly affordable bands camouflage all too often behind overly tuned and highly produced videos and audio instead of solid results from spending time in the rehearsal room. There is nothing wrong necessarily with a produced video unless you can't actually sound as good live.

live performance

If you are able, go and see the band perform live. If that is not possible then find live videos with the original (and not studio produced) audio. It will at least give you a much better idea already. Yes, the audio will not be studio produced but you are getting the real deal. And if a band will sound great on a live take you know they will sound brilliant on the gig and deliver what they promise.

Looking for quality

When seeing a band live aim to hear a large part of the set. A pub set can often differ from wedding or corporate & party sets. What you are looking for is energy, quality & versatility making sure your guests will get the best entertainment available.

The wow factor

Not every band suits every occasion but a good band will have enough material to turn any party into an unforgetable experience. Make sure you watch out for the wow factor, the spark, something unique. You know when you see it. No matter if you are looking for your personal best wedding band available in Ireland or the top corporate band in Ireland.

Once you have made your decision and booked sit back, relax and let us do the rest.

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