How To Book A Band

Booking and Logistics

Here are some more questions answered about logistics and the booking process.

Do you travel to my venue?

Yes. We travel all over Ireland for weddings. The band is based in Cork. Please keep in mind that we will add fuel cost for travel that is more than 1 hour outside Cork approximately.

How long does your setup take?

We can be setup and ready to play in about 40 minutes. We usually do a very quick sound check before we start. For weddings we usually setup after the dinner while tables are being moved.

Do you have everything the band needs?

Yes! We have a PA & lights ready to go. All we need is power at the venue. So you can just sit back and relax and don't need to worry about any other details.

How do I book you? What is the process?

Simply fill out a booking form on our website and will get back to you as quickly as possible with all details.

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Other Services

We also do provide other music services. We have various package options on offer. Just let us know what your preference is and we arrange everything else.

Can I book a DJ through you?

The answer is yes. We work with some of the top DJ's in Ireland. Just contact us about it and we will take care of it.

What other music do you provide?

We can also offer package options on reception music and church music. Simply enquire with us directly

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Performance & Set

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