Live Music Details

How long will the band perform?

Groove Collective performs a set that lasts 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the occasion. If prior agreed with the band we may extend on that as well.


For a wedding we take a short break in between while tea & coffee is being served. (usually around 11:30pm) The regular performace time is 9:30pm - 12:00am. The latest we play until is 12:30am unless otherwise agreed to. Please keep in mind that the band has to travel back home after a performance. Especially for long distance trips we want to insure everyone returns home safely.

Coporate Events, Functions & Parties

The performance duration can vary but we are happy to accomodate any special requests. Usually we look after the PA sound system, light, the engineer and all transport. If you would like to use our PA system and microphones let us know. Please contact us about any booking requirements or questions you might have booking a band for your corporate party.


Every festivals varies. Our set maybe adapted to suit the festival theme. If you are providing the sound system we will arrange a sound check with you in order to insure top performance for the event. We would need to talk to your sound engineer in advance. Get in touch with us regarding bookings for festivals.

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About the musicians

Each band member a professional and passionate about what they do. You can read more about each band member in our about section.

How many people are in the band?

We perform as a 6 or 7 piece band depending on what sound is required. Additionally we have a resident engineer for every performance which brings the headcount to 7 or 8 overall. Each of us is a full-time professional at what we do. Strictly no amateurs.

Will all the same musicians be present at my wedding/my function?

Yes absolutely! We believe that a well rounded set can only be performed with the same band that has been rehearsing and performing together. We know from experience that a "band member rotation system" leads to a much inferior product and smaller music versatility.

In the unlikely event that we would temporarily have to substitute one of the musicians we use a backup that has been trained in already months in advance. We guarantee that the quality of the music and the show will never suffer.

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About the set

Each band member is a professional and passionate about what they do. You can read more about each band member in our about section.

What music do you perform?

We perform a wide range of music. Starting from the swing era to modern pop and everything in between. Some of our highlights are: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "Time of my life" from dirty dancing, "Let me entertain you" by Robbie Williams, "Good Times" by Chic and many more. Please feel free to browse through our setlist to get a better idea.

Keep in mind that a pub set differes from an Irish wedding band set or a function music set. For festivals we have an additional set that works very well. Please contact us for details. In general we have quite a few tricks up our sleeve when it gets to bringing people to the dance floor and entertainment. Keep in mind that no two performances are ever the same.

I really like the sound of Groove Collective,
but will people be able to dance?

Yes! Our set is fine tuned to achieve exactly that. Have a look through our live videos for example. You will see lots of people dancing! :)

Will you perform our first dance?

The First Dance together as husband and wife carries so much symbolic meaning and tradition. We always encourage couples to let us know their first dance in advance. We can either perform it for you live or we can play a recording through our sound system if you rather prefer that. In general it is the perfect way to get your guests moving and the party started.

Can I make special requests?

Yes of course you can and we will accomodate them as best as we can once you let us know in advance. However usually we are hesitant to change our setlist entirely for the client. Past experiences have shown that when changing a setlist for the client too much the overall experience diminishes. We have been carefully selecting songs for years that work best. We arranged them in medleys and certain order to insure the best entertainment outcome. Changing those too much would result in a somewhat torn set. Please trust us that we will do our job very well. That is why you are booking us in the first place.

What about the older generation?
Will you play Waltes? And some Irish music?

Do not worry a bit. We do have a waltz set ready to go and even Irish music ready to go should you want that. In general simply inform us if you would like to have those sets on the night and we will include them for you having something to dance for the older generation. Those include slow dances as well.

From previous experience we can confidentially say that our set is very versatile and always gets the older generation moving anyway.

Would the band be too loud?

We always have an engineer present that will monitor the general volume levels throughout the set. That way no one should feel that they have to leave the room. Should you have concerns please let us know.

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