Castlemartyr Resort Cork Wedding

The perfect celebration - Katie and Martin's amazing wedding

What Martin & Katie had to say about Groove Collective:

Thanks so much for making the night so special, it was so much fun!

Castlemartyr wedding

A gorgeous setup

The venue

On Saturday the 29th of April 2017, Katie and Martin tied the knot in Castlemartyr Resort, a truly memorable location in Cork County. In this stunning 18th century manor house, several round tables were set up for this special occasion. Each was decorated with a high silver candlestick with five candles. There is nothing like a classy romantic centerpieces to instantly exude a warm and intimate ambience at a wedding venue.

They offered a sweet orangey lighting and created a precious glow on the wedding guests faces. But what really caught everyone attention was the bold ceiling decoration statement chosen by the newlyweds for their reception. There were three impressive crystal chandeliers above the dancing floor combined with mother-of-pearl draperies and little lights on the walls. They were the notable details that really blew everyone away. The high ceiling walls were entirely covered which underlined the cozy setting of the room.

Personality and taste

The wedding clearly reflected personality and great taste. It was a perceivable in all the details of the party. One feature that spoke volumes was the bride’s choice for her bridesmaids’ dresses. Off-white mismatched dresses for her wedding party. This choice was of course a nod to her stunning wedding dress but also a delicate way to let each brides maid express their individualities.

And all men were wearing black suits to contrast with their formal attires. In regard of the bride's dress, it was a white tea length dress which looked very chic, flattering and crisp. Although it was a simple A-line wedding gown, the open back sleeveless brought a fancy touch to her outfit.

Time to get moving

The first dance

Shauna Nolan singing wedding Castlemartyr

After the toasts & speeches, in front of their friends and families, Katie and Martin were invited for their first dance “Days like this” by Van Morrison. Shauna Nolan sang the song and the band accompanied her. The Saxophone solo was played by Sebastian Schneider. The beautiful young couple got lost in each other’s arms. This moment would have made anyone’s heart flutter a little. After the dance the mood changed quickly into some swing music.

Some swing & Rock'n'Roll?

Castlemartyr resort Cork wedding young and Old

Young and old equally joined the newlyweds on the dance floor. And as the matron of honor put it: “At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dance tonight but when I heard swing music this is no place to be shy. The crew I roll with certainly know how to bring it.” The grown-ups like to party just as much as the young people. They’d all spent the previous hours enjoying the meal, laughing and sharing a nip with their mates.

It was time to move the feet and Groove Collective did not fail to impress. We are proud to say to be one of the top Cork Wedding Band . Playing something for everyone to enjoy with a fantastic stage show is what we truly do best.

Girls vs Boys - Dance competition

Castlemartyr Cork Dance off competiton

Right in the middle of the party Groove Collective orchestrated a dance-off. Everyone showcased their best moves. We think the men won it but it was certainly a close one. ;)

The perfect celebration

Guest performance

Castlemartyr Wedding Cork Guest Performer

The little ones were not forgotten either! The couple offered a step-in photo booth to their guests to capture fun shots of their loved ones. They could also accessorize their funny snaps with colorful mustaches, hats, masks. As the evening progressed, it was no surprise to see the photo booth monopolized by the kids since their parents were dancing and reminiscing with old friends. That said, one little boy still stood up from the crowd by going on stage and singing with the band. It was a spontaneous and emotional moment cheered by all the guests.

A special day

The night was a very special one indeed and everyone will remember it as a fantastic wedding, with a brilliant wedding band from Cork in a venue that is breathtaking. They all came together to celebrate the union of Katie and Martin.

Indeed, despite the effort that goes into making everything perfect, a wedding is not only about the great food or the fabulous dress, it is above all a love story. And a truly fun night for all the guests.

Guest say thank you to the band

We wish Katie and Martin the very best. It was truly a pleasure to be part of your great day!

Crowd Cheering to the band

Groove Collective is a wedding band in Ireland and one of the best wedding bands in Munster We make sure that you will have an unforgetable wedding, guaranteed!

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