JJ Coppingers Midleton - Live

Groove Collective rocked the house

Last Saturday we played live at JJ Coppingers. Having played a wedding in Inish Beg Baltimore the previous night we were all ready to Rock'N'Roll Midleton on a Sunday. See below images how we made the bar dance until way after midnight. A great party for the people of Midleton!

Groove Collective Party Band live in JJ Coppingers

Every time we play our 90s set and some Tina Turner the crowd goes abolutely wild! Shauna Nolan took the lead. Very professional top notch singing. Great diversity in vocal color and a great range! People love dancing to those great dance songs from two decades ago. Also works every time at the weddings we play in Munster. The previous night was proof of that or the recent wedding in Castlemartyr Resort.

Shauna Nolan singing in JJ Coppingers

JJ Coppingers Midleton party

Alison Ronayne took over the lead for a while to entertain everyone with an incredible vocal versatility!

Alison Ronayne singing Steevie Wonder

And what would a night by without amazing Guitar solos? Kealan Kenny does those justice in Beat It, Johnny Be Goode, Thunderstruck and several other hit songs we cover.

Guitar solo by Kealan Kenny in JJ Coppingers

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