What Makes A Good Band?

What makes this band unique?

Our production value, versatility, unrivaled musicanship and arrangements unlike any other. The most incredible 7 piece band in Ireland. So you are wondering:

What sets Groove Collective apart from other bands?

Every single time we deliver the best in entertainment that Ireland has to offer. We strongly differentiate ourselves through:

Incredible production value

Our music production easily rivals that of a full length musical or theatre show! You will be hard pressed finding that with any another band. Find out exactly how much music production and arranging work went into the band.

Outstanding musicianship

All 7 of us are experienced professional musicians with a level of musical finese that most other bands are unable to match. Our setup includes a female and male lead singer, backing vocals, a full rhythm section with 2 guitars and 2 keyboards and brass (Saxophone). The band is frequently being appreciated for the versatile and huge sound when performing live.

A fantastic show

Engaging directly with the crowd Groove Collective will leave you wanting for more. We have worked out a flow to our set that will invite even the strongest dance pessimists to the dance floor.

Perfectly balanced sound

We always include a professional sound engineer whereever we perform. This insures the best sound quality possible not leaving anything to chance while volume levels are frequently monitored also.

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