What Makes Us Stand Out?

The Groove Collective Style

Groove Collective is unique and truly shines through world class musicianship and an own style of arrangements. Our setlist is well thought through and took years to refine to such a high level. Difficult to put into words it simply needs to be witnessed live. Those are only few of the points you should consider before choosing your band. Below are details that will really make a difference between average and top class entertainment.

No Shortcuts & No Effort Spared

We don't cut corners when it comes to production and music quality. All of the music has been carefully layed out. The music director of the band arranged the entire set from top to bottom insuring the band has their own take and unique style of an extensive set list. This includes anything from Swing over Pop, Rock to Dance hits and modern songs. The result is our own version of popular songs and style captured in over 150 pages of dedicated written music score for the band.

Bohemian Rhapsody Vocal Score

(the music has been blurred out)

This is an example of the 4 part vocal score from Bohemian Rhapsody. In its entirety it is A4 12 pages long and includes the exact vocal parts of the original written out note by note.

Below is another example. This is one of our opening sets (includes 4 songs) for all instruments (Guitars, Keyboard, Bass, Drums) and vocal parts. It is 21 pages in total length.

Groove Collective Opening Set Score

You can see that this easily rivals a full scale music theatre show production and you will have a hard time finding another ensemble from Cork that is so invested in their own performance quality. More than 60% of the set are carefully selected medleys and scored to the last little level of detail.


Groove Collective Logo Small

The Party Specialists

The band started out with the objective to provide entertainment unlike any other. We wanted to avoid being yet another version of the same wedding band in Ireland. And the results speak for themselves.

Having 3 powerful singers in the band that can rotate on lead vocals gives us a particular edge and allows for detailed harmony that will blow your mind! A good example would be the vocal acapela introduction of Bohemian Rhapsody which we perform live! Every member of the band is a master in what they do as a full-time profesional musician.

As a top wedding & party band in Ireland we thoroughly enjoy our work and believe we are helping to define what the next generation in entertainment should sound & look like.